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Who we are and What we do.

Powerhouse Principles, LLC is a training and development company committed to helping each person and organization reach its point of self-actualization.  

We believe that all people have the power to create a life by design, rather than default….but it requires making a decision and adhering to a few basic Success (Powerhouse) Principles.  

We define “Success” as something completely intangible.  Success is about balance, joy, abundance, faith, family, friends, resilience, character, growth, gratitude and giving back.

We love and accept everyone, but are particularly fond of entrepreneurs and small business owners.  We love their energy, their stories, their visions, their successes…and of course their failures.  Honestly, they wouldn’t be successful without them……

lifeandbusinessExperience has taught us that every business owner has a place where their Life and Business intersect….and that’s where we can be of most assistance.   We know for a fact that if your life isn’t working, neither is your business….and vice versa….   Together we can help you put the systems in place as well as develop the habits, balance and mindsets necessary for success.

We are experts at starting from the place of vision to execution and beyond….  There will be hiccups, road blocks, opportunities and huge windfalls along the way and we can provide support, guidance and insight every step of the way.   And if we can’t, we’ll tell you and find someone who can.   We checked our egos at the door and hope that you will as well.

We offer programs, workshops, private & group coaching, host events and travel around the country speaking on a variety of personal and professional development topics.  While its best for you to browse through the pages of our site, below is a sampling of who we serve and what we offer:

Entrepreneurs and Business owners from Start-up to $5 Million+ in annual revenue. We can support you in the areas of:

Strategic Planning; Growth Strategies; Creative Positioning; and Managing the Ups and  Downs of Business and Business Cycles.


Creating a Life/Work Balance which values the benefits of healthy relationships and lifestyles as well as generating substantial profits while leaving a legacy.


Helping you understand that business is an internal game that requires the execution of specific success (powerhouse) principles.  Systems, mindsets, reality checks and personal habits are just a few of the critical components.


Navigating the inevitable pitfalls and failures of life and business. We are known (and trademarked) as “The No Judgment Zone” ™ and have supported professionals and business owners through some of the most difficult times of their lives.  Honestly, there’s nothing that we haven’t already seen, heard or experiences ourselves first hand.


Mastermind and Peer Support. As it is often said:  “you and your income are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.   Surrounding yourself with like-minded, driven and authentic people is one of the best ways to keep yourself motivated, inspired and reaching for new heights.   


These are just a few of the ways in which we can be of service and encourage you to browse through our site to learn more about our programs, workshops and upcoming events.


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