Looking for a dynamic speaker to inspire, educate or motivate your audience, members or staff? 

Jamie is an articulate and engaging speaker who loves to energize her audience.  Whether she’s speaking to a small group or at a national conference, Jamie is sure to inspire and motivate.

While available to speak on a variety of topics, those most requested and considered to be her ‘signature talks’ are:



**Surviving Drama, Trauma and Train Wrecks:  Staying calm in the midst of a personal or business crisis.  Focus on perspective, resilience and moving forward.

**Business:  It’s an Internal Game:   The game of business starts from within.  Focus on the Mindset, Habits and Underlying belief systems.

**It’s a Family Affair:  Finding balance and harmony on the road to prosperity.  Focus on the dynamics of building a healthy and prosperous family business, especially Mother-Daughter businesses.

**Warriors in Training:  Skills that must be mastered by young professionals committed to success in both life and business.  Focus on issues relevant to young professionals, ages 20-40.

**Teens with Ambition:   Napoleon Hill’s 17 Laws of Success for Teens.  Focus on issues relevant and applicable to teens (15-19)

**Adult Bullies:  How to identify, work with and survive human toxicity in the workplace.  Focus on working with bullies, unhealthy egos and controlling behaviors.



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